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Kitchen Renovation

Redo Kitchen Before Selling Your House?

This question has never been sufficiently answered to date hence there is no clarity and conclusiveness when it comes to the same. Many people still sit on the fence, as they cannot ascertain with ample authority whether renovating your kitchen before selling your house is a fundamental prerequisite or merely an endeavor meant to waste money without any considerable increment in value or other parameters of appreciation.

This article shall therefore delve deep and purpose to identify whether renovating your kitchen renovation should be vital if not mandatory prior to selling your house or is it strictly a move that should be readily dispensed with as nothing but a myth.

Increase in Value

A kitchen that is properly renovated can result to a significant increase in its overall value, as it is a key and crucial part of the house that is often overlooked. Many potential homebuyers therefore have a knack of appreciating a house where the kitchen has been remodeled and upgraded, as this is often a rarity. A kitchen renovation is the hub of the house that is constantly neglected. Clients therefore have a certain inclination and preference towards a house where is kitchen is properly attended to and maintained accordingly. This results to a corresponding increase in its value as people are not shy of paying top bucks for such a house without any hint of apprehension.

Speed of Disposal

Many people often experience multiple challenges when it comes to selling a house. Agents and other people involved could take an eternity before finding the perfect and most fitting client. The implication herein is that as this process stalls, the value of the house keeps on diminishing and this aggravates the problem even further. This is where the simple attempt of renovating a kitchen comes in. Many homebuyers spend a lot of their valuable time looking for a decent house with some cutting edge and lacking in any glaring and fundamental flaws. This is because many houses are usually in a deplorable state and a good house on the market is treated like a rare gem.

A basic kitchen renovation could give your house that much needed boost that is so critical in making it bespoke and unique thus differentiating it from the norm that is poorly maintained homes. This will make it sell quicker while also guaranteeing you good returns on your simple kitchen investment that is easily recouped from the sale and further exceeding your expectations.


Costs are at the heart of this conversation. They inform the decision of renovating a kitchen or not. Briefly, there is a persistent narrative that a kitchen renovation must be expensive and a very fancy affair where you expend colossal sums of money to attain your objective without any return on your investment. This is a fallacy because people and experts have never rendered a proper analysis and dissection on the delicate balance between renovation and return on investment.

A kitchen renovation does not necessarily have to be costly. It is guided by several distinct factors that must be considered without fail. You should be able to project the sale proceeds prior to a renovation to know how much you can invest in the project and avoid overstretch. This also depends on the current state and condition of the kitchen as this would necessitate more work. Other factors include the availability of ready buyers on an as is basis who prefer to acquire the house and conduct the kitchen renovations on their own. The location of the house could also determine whether renovating a kitchen is indeed a feasible idea. This is because a house in a suburban area cannot be compared to one in a posh rich neighborhood where attention to detail is key and regularly appreciated. In such an area, a renovation would be perfect compared to a place where kitchen renovation can be assumed or deemed as an unnecessary overkill. These are some of the areas that are always overlooked but which aid to shed some more light into this murky area without resorting to the constant misinformation that lead to a lot of hesitation and ultimate reluctance and confusion.

In finality, this project of kitchen renovation should be undertaken on a case-to-case basis. This should be after sufficient consideration of all the aforementioned factors that go to the core of making this decision, as they are paramount to avoid making some costly mistakes that could lead to calamitous consequences. After reading this article, you now stand to have an idea. However, in case of any confusion, do not hesitate to consult an expert for further advice and illumination.

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