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- Custom And Semi-Kitchen Cabinets | Kitchen Remodeling In Hawthorne And Point Pleasant Nj

How Thick Should A Granite Countertop In The Kitchen Be?

There are certain industry specifications regarding the thickness of granite countertops. This varies depending on the flexibility of the individual and their desire to abide by the rule. According to the industry experts in this sector, the agreeable standard for the granite kitchen countertops should be around 1 and a ¼ inches or thereabouts. However, as is the custom in a constantly changing and developing world, people have clearly deviated from these measurements. There is a current tendency to choose the thickness that feels just perfect and fitting amongst many homeowners as long as the difference from the stipulated standard thickness is not too huge but marginal. The question therefore lingers, how thick should your granite kitchen countertop be and what are the factors informing the same?


Some people use granite countertops with a thickness of about 2 inches. It is also vital to stress that thicker granite countertops are very pricey hence, many people refrain from using them as they fleece the pockets. On the contrary, those who can afford can readily acquire and install them since they accentuate the kitchen outlook as they accord the patterns and color a much-needed bespoke appearance hence enhancing their visibility. They stand out and fit the bill accordingly.


Style is very instrumental and pivotal while making this decision. Thicker countertops are ideally employed in modern kitchens. This is in stark contrast to the slightly less thick countertops used in the ordinary and ancient kitchens. Thick granite countertops are better as they conform to the modern concept of minimalism and this simplicity is befitting for many who perceive it as sophistication.


This is another major element that contributes significantly to decision-making. In the current market, it is deemed tasking to find thick types of granite as it is typically lighter compared to the darker colors, which are often readily available in thicker varieties. The implication herein is that more effort and resources will be expended towards the acquisition of the thick granite countertops. Nevertheless, it is a sound investment and any time and resources dedicated towards the same should be thought of as an engagement for a worthy cause.


The slab also dictates the thickness of the granite countertops. 2cms thick countertops often necessitate adjustment on the slab as it ought to be thinned and some expertise will be needed to get the requisite reinforcement to make it sturdier. The 3cms countertops have become more popular nowadays due to their intrinsic aesthetic value and they also save on time and money as very minimal work ought to be done on the slab since its already strong enough and less susceptible to breakage and sagging.


The thickness also has to be premised on availability. As highlighted earlier, some colors, designs, and patterns are readily available compared to others. This decision, therefore, has to be premeditated from the onset to avoid last-minute endeavors trying to look for a granite countertop with a certain degree of thickness and which is a rarity in the current market.

The above clearly depicts what determines the perfect thickness for the kitchen granite countertops. There is no universally accepted size and these differences and lack of consensus can be attributed to the several factors as illustrated above. However, the 3cms thick countertops are becoming more preferable nowadays, as they are durable and a perfect embodiment of what kitchen countertops ought to be like. It is also advisable for you not to go below 2cms regardless of the size of your budget, as this would be self-defeating. The countertop would be damaged easily and require more work to make it firm and stronger. This would ultimately cost more and the constant need for replacement due to the short lifespan would incur you more money. It is therefore prudent for you to invest more at the commencement of the project so at to get value for money and eliminate the need of spending a fortune in the future due to these anticipatory and inevitable shortfalls.

It is therefore up to you to utilize the information provided above to ensure that you arrive at a decent conclusion. Not every decision should be rushed and no factor should be overlooked to avoid miscalculations and poor calls, which can have severe repercussions. More so, it is imperative that you consult several experts in this area for a consultative engagement before going gung ho and acquiring granite countertops of a thickness that would be very distasteful. The aforementioned has therefore answered this question sufficiently.

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