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Other Rooms

Signature Kitchens’ design experience and craftsmanship extends beyond kitchens and bathrooms. Our signature craftsmanship extends to custom bars, custom closets, laundry rooms, home offices, entertainment units, personal libraries and more. We are only limited by the clients desires and imagination.

For every room we design, our goal remains the same: to enhance the space in a way that maximizes utility and brings your vision to life. Every room serves a very unique function in your home and therefore requires a special type of planning. We have experience fulfilling specific design requirements for custom bars, closets, laundry rooms, home offices, entertainment units, and personal libraries. Our hands-on and detail-oriented process includes:

  • On-site evaluation and measurement; On-site elements that can limit or enhance design options will be identified and integrated into the kitchen’s unique design.
  • Multiple consultations regarding design options and revisions. This includes preparation of computer generated layout drawings that indicate location of cabinets, fixtures, etc.
  • Design of custom and semi-custom cabinetry- We will guide you through the multitude of cabinetry options available, including assistance in selection of cabinet finishes, edge details, and door and drawer styles.
  • Consultations for appliance selections, fixtures, cabinet hardware and kitchen peripherals.
  • Consultations for countertop selection
  • Layout, and selection of tile/marble.
  • Suggested lighting layout
Laundry rooms:
With proper planning and organization, a mediocre laundry room can be transformed into a cheerful and functional multi-purpose room. We explore different storage techniques, cabinetry styles, and colors to achieve a space that best suits your needs. And hopefully doing laundry will feel less like a chore.

Custom closets:
The benefit of a well-designed custom closet is unparalleled organization. Knowing exactly where each item of clothing, pair of shoes, and piece of jewelry is makes the morning routine easy and enjoyable. With unlimited cabinetry styles and colors, your closet will be transformed into an oasis.
If properly designed, mudrooms can be a very way to optimize storage space and keep the rest of your house clean. Custom-built mudroom cabinetry allows you to specify exact spaces needed for coats, shoes, etc. Multiple door styles, cabinet finishes, wainscot paneling and moldings options are available to complete the look.

  • Ideas for custom mudrooms
Custom Home offices:
If you work from home full-time or part-time, you should have a designated work space. A great home office should inspire productivity and facilitate organization. Given the opportunity to personalize a workspace around your specific needs makes all the difference.

  • Ideas for home offices
Entertainment units:
Televisions are getting thinner and usually end up mounted to walls, yet regardless of how streamlined entertainment equipment/devices become, cabinetry still plays an important role. Designing custom cabinetry to house your speakers, peripherals, etc. makes for a truly impressive family room.
Custom Bars:
From smaller dry/wet bars integrated into a kitchen, to larger, pub-style sit down bars, creating an authentic look that matches the Aesthetic of your home is a true pleasure when given the opportunity. Incorporate the optimal components of what you envision in the perfect bar!