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Colored Countertops Trends

Countertops are the most notable items in our kitchens. They make up for the second biggest space after the floor. The countertop is the place where the action takes place; prep, storage, and cleanup. That being the case, therefore, countertops ought to be top-notch, above everything. In line with this endeavor, people are looking for ways to make their countertops trendy and classy and breathe some more life into their kitchens. Colored countertops have now taken over most kitchens in the most recent past.

The best thing about colored countertops is that you have a wide array of countertop materials to go with. You can decide to stick to your traditional style and go with colored wood or you could go with the latest designs. Granite and laminate are great since you can even go to the factory and have them come in your customized look and feel. The discussion below sheds more light on some of the trendiest colored countertops going into 2021 and beyond.

Modern kitchen design. Ecru colored cabinets.

Blue Countertops

Blue is another great choice for colored countertops in modern kitchens. Dark honed blue is the most preferred choice for blue countertops. Just like any other dark countertop, blue can be complemented with brighter cabinets and light fixtures. On the flip side, you will have to be extra careful with blue countertops since they are highly susceptible to scratches and staining. Fortunately, this problem can be rectified by polishing them with a finish so that they can also reflect much of the light into the room.

Rustic Brown

Brown countertops are quite common in most kitchens. This is because of their golden classic and elegant look and feel they bring into the kitchen. The most notable characteristic of rustic brown countertops is the ability to reveal the grains on the wood. They are even better when polished with a finish, something that makes them shine with elegance and class.

Bold and Dramatic

One of the most emerging trends in kitchen countertop is the bold and dramatic color. In the recent past, it was uncommon to see dark countertops. However, nowadays, bold and dramatic countertops are beginning to enjoy much favor in so many kitchens. Bold and dramatic countertops bring in a classy and elegant look and feel in the kitchen. They are used to complement the shiny light fixtures and cabinets. They are also a great way to display the beautiful bright flower vases and artistry in the kitchen. The only drawback with bold and dramatic color countertops is that they make space appear and feel smaller than it actually is. Charcoal black appears even better and more elegant when coupled with the right fixtures. To deal with this drawback, you can have them polished so that they can also reflect the little light in the room.

Earthy Green

We all love the sight of green nature. This explains the reason behind people flocking in people’s parks and taking nature walks. The best news about colored countertops is that you can bring this look and feel right into your kitchen. There is no better feeling than stepping into an earthy green look and feel without leaving your kitchen. To make it even more appealing, contrast it with white cabinets and bright light fixtures. As you do that, do not forget to apply a polished finish on the surface to breathe some more life into the room.

Classic White

We cannot wind up on the trendiest colored countertops of 2021 without talking about classic white. Classic white countertops are the way to go if you have a limited amount of space in your kitchen. This is because the bright shiny color makes the room seem and appear bigger than it actually is. Just as dark-themed countertops are contrasted with brighter cabinets, classic white countertops are complemented with dark cabinets and dark-themed light fixtures. Alternatively, you could still decide to go all white in the whole kitchen. There is no better way to make your kitchen appear and feel palatial than with classic white countertops.

Whichever color you choose to go with your colored countertop in the kitchen, there are several factors that must come into play for you to make the most out of it. Quality has to be on top of your priority list. It does not matter how appealing the trendy color is; but if it is not installed properly or is of low quality, nothing meaningful will come out of your efforts.

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