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10 Luxury Details for Your Kitchen Cabinets and Island

With the advancement in technology, so many kitchen cabinets and islands designs have come into play. Most of these luxury designs are meant to increase storage, save on space as well as improving the quality of life for you and your family. Because of the numerous choices and designs to go with, selecting the most appropriate luxury details for your kitchen cabinets and islands is not always easy. For that reason, this article gives ten luxury details you should consider when giving your kitchen a facelift.

  1. Open Storage 

Although kitchen cabinet concealed storage spaces seem to have won the hearts of many people, the open storage for smaller spaces still appears to be popular with many people. Open storages are most popular in kitchens that have limited space.

Kitchen with Island, Sink, Cabinets, and Hardwood Floors
They mainly come in form of lever shelves mounted on the cabinet doors or even the kitchen island. What makes them very desirable is the fact that the most commonly used items such as saltshakers and kitchen set is easily accessible and does not have to crowd the countertops.

  1. Natural Finishes

Natural finishes will forever be popular amongst a good number of homeowners because of the elegant and classic look and feel they bring into the kitchen. They can either be in form of a concrete kitchen island cabinet or the natural wood cabinet doors. The main advantage of these natural finishes on kitchen cabinets and islands is that they are quite durable. In addition to this, natural finishes are water and heat resistant and will thus give you years of service.

  1. Concealed Kitchen

Unlike concealed storage where only some appliances are hidden into the cabinetry, a concealed kitchen has everything hidden. An outsider walking into the kitchen will only see the cabinetry wooden doors but cannot see where everything else is unless they pull out the doors. This detail leaves you with enough space for you and your family to sit around the kitchen area.

  1. Kitchen Island Family Dinner Table

Kitchens are meant to be a unifying spot for most families since it is where food for the family is produced. With the introduction of the kitchen island family dinner table, it is now possible for families to stick around the kitchen area, chat, and even do homework while the food is being prepared. On one side of the island are the cabinetry, and the family dinner table on the other.

  1. Built-In Appliances

Another great luxury detail in modern kitchen cabinetry and island is the built-in appliances. The fridge, stove, and microwave are concealed deep into the cabinetry either along the wall or on the kitchen island. This works by decluttering the kitchen while at the same time saving on space in smaller kitchens.

  1. Monochrome Themes

Research findings show that search for black or dark interiors cabinets and features has been rising by 46% year after the other. This, therefore, shows just how much dark and black interior is popular. This can be attributed to the elegant and classic look and feel the theme brings into the kitchen.

  1. Clever Concealed Storage

The small but very vital kitchen appliances clutter the worktop and kitchen island, making it difficult for families to stick around and enjoy the aroma of the food cooking on the stove. For this reason, clever concealed storage units are now being built in the kitchen cabinets and islands. They come in form of a pull out larders, reactive banks made of sliding banks, and pop up shelves. They also help save on space in smaller kitchens.

  1. Eco-Friendly Features

After you have concealed everything into the cabinetry for example in a concealed kitchen, it does not hurt to have one or two flowerpots with your favorite indoor plants. You can either place these on the kitchen island or the countertop. The plants will not only provide you with an aesthetic look and feel, but they will also clean your indoor air.

  1. Farmhouse Sink

Unlike the common sink, a farmhouse sin is usually deep and is mounted on top of the cabinetry. They help save on space because all the dishes can fit into the sink and this declutters your worktops. To make it better, install a hot water faucet to save you the need for an electric heater.

  1. Colorful Kitchens

Although dark interior themes are fast gaining popularity in most kitchens, some people are still not ready to let go of their favorite colors. Brightly colored cabinets in green and blue are beautiful and they will allow you to display your taste and style.

As seen, you have many options to choose from when it comes to luxury details for your kitchen cabinets and island. The choice for what works best for your kitchen is determined by your needs and style. All you have to is to contact your contractor for more ideas and options.

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