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How Often Should My Kitchen Be Remodeled

There is no fixed and definite amount of time that has been mutually agreed as the exact period or duration within which a kitchen ought to be remodeled. It is dependent on several factors which duly inform the urgency or otherwise of considering a remodel. This frequency varies and it is influenced by the rate of wear and tear, the number of people using a kitchen, the utilization of the kitchen, the unique and bespoke materials used to make the kitchen among others. All these comprise the guiding factors vital to decide when a remodel ought to be performed and they ought to be considered accordingly. This article shall delve deep to try to decipher how often a kitchen needs to remodel and other pertinent information revolving around this crucial topic.

Replacement and Revamp

Installing new in modern kitchen cabinet of installation base for island in center

Predicated on the color trends that you might have used in your kitchen, a decision has to be made on a case-to-case basis. Some people also might opt to remodel their kitchen after the finishes commence to experience some immense wear and tear that is quite hard to ignore. The cabinets might also appear aging thus necessitating some replacement especially with regard to the kitchen doors. Some paint also comes in handy in case of significant discoloration. Countertops are often overlooked but they massively help in making a determination pertaining to when a remodel has to be done due to the need to upgrade them. Another aspect of a kitchen that is overly slept on is the hardware.

When the kitchen hardware is getting old and obsolete, the kitchen always has a knack for becoming dysfunctional. The frequency of having a kitchen remodel can therefore be decided by the need to change and replace the kitchen hardware premised on how heavily the same is used and other factors that might contribute to the deterioration. Some experts and pundits have confidently stated that a kitchen should be remodeled once every 10 to 15 years but this may be deemed as too long for some who desire perfection thus would prefer to defy the norm and do it regularly as need arises as circumstances vary as dictated by kitchen usage from one home to another.


There is a huge and compelling need in society to conform to the trend and fad of having an ultra-modern kitchen. The desire of having a trendy up-to-date fashionable kitchen is never in doubt but people have misconstrued this to make a kitchen remodel so frequent and usual under the disguise of making the kitchen modern and in tune with the recent technological advancements. New changes and innovations have flooded the market hence creating a niche with the potential of deluding gullible homeowners. This includes new LED lighting preferred because of their energy efficiency and colorfulness, new entertainment fittings and other advanced appliances that are being developed on a daily basis.

In a modern and contemporary world, to determine how often a kitchen ought to be remodeled bearing in mind this aspect of modernization, it is vital to stress that restraint is of paramount insignificance lest a remodel will be done weekly or sooner since technology does not seem to stop and it could rush you to becoming exceedingly broke. Simply put, a remodel can be done based on preference but after ample consideration of the foregoing thus should be fully aware of all the risks and temptations involved hence this project should not be undertaken with reckless abandon and brazen assurance akin to that of an amateur. A remodel once every 5 years can suffice as you keep your kitchen trendy and modern whilst at the same time avoiding falling into the trap of overzealousness.

Budget and Economic Reasons

More often than not, the frequency and regularity of performing a remodel are because of the imminent need to do it to avoid having a kitchen that is out of sorts. However, other factors like finances can hinder this. A remodel is a pricey and expensive affair. It could cost you quite a sizeable chunk of money that could alternatively towards other projects but sometimes a remodel can be perceived as a primary need surpassing others on a priority basis. It might be agreeable amongst many that a remodel is important after a certain period of time e.g. 10 to 15years as mentioned above but economic factors might render this an impossibility and this postponement clearly implies that the regularity of a remodel is not as straightforward but dependent on many variables.

The number of times a kitchen should be remodeled will definitely depend on many things, as you have seen in the article. Therefore, it is up to you to gauge and see whether you need to renovate your kitchen. If you are not sure yet, consider working closely with an expert to help you out in this process.

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