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Top 8 Things To Do With the Space Above Your Kitchen Cabinets

The unused space between the ceiling and cabinets that do not go all the way up can make your kitchen look dull or empty at the top. You can take advantage of this area and make it functional if you want to expand your kitchen’s personality. It can be used as either display space or storage depending on what works best for your kitchen. If you feel the space above your kitchen cabinets is calling for something special, then this article has some ideas that will give it a new appearance and purpose.

  1. Open Shelving

Instead of fitting closed units above the cabinets, add open shelving to make the space more functional. You can choose to build boxed shelves from wood or remove all fittings and doors from short bridging units. Turn the open shelving area into a feature by lining the interior with wood veneer and fitting them with LED spotlights. Alternatively, you can install standard box shelves above the units if your budget does not allow a more exotic appearance.

  1. Create a Green Space

Consider adding some houseplants to your décor to give your kitchen a fresh and airy feel. Leafier vines can look great on the top if they are presented nicely. Pothos plants are ideal for the space above your kitchen cabinets as their hardy vines continue to grow even if you do not water them for a while. If you do not like the idea of using natural plants, then consider realistic artificial houseplants as a low-maintenance option that brings life into your space.

  1. Use Canisters to Conceal Clutter

Closed canisters can provide a great way to conceal small odds on top of your kitchen cabinets. Whether it is just random clutter or dry goods, it stylishly hides messes and spaces that would otherwise look boring if not concealed. Gift boxes and other artistic items can be used to decorate the area above the units to create the impression of functionality.

  1. Hang Vintage Finds

If you have enough room between the ceiling and the top of your cabinets, you can hang items on the wall to make it more charming. For instance, you can add small macramé creations, mirrors, framed family photos, and vintage baking or cooking tools. Although this extra space blends well with any kind of wall art, flea market treasures seem to create a unique aesthetic appeal that displays a meaningful collection.

  1. Weave In An Art Gallery

It is quite impressive to see a gallery that is presented uniquely as they are timeless and traditional. A gallery wall is a classic decorative element that is joyful to look at and somewhat easy to accomplish. A group of artworks with similar style onto each other makes an interesting visual appeal. The best way to create uniformity is to use frames of the same color whether it is a collection of black and white photographs or vintage oil paintings.

  1. Fill the Space with Tall Pieces

It can be quite difficult to fill up this space with canisters and other small pieces of decorations if you have high ceilings. Tall, artful bases can visually reach greater heights when combined with ceramic art to fill the open space above the cabinets. Although it may seem challenging to track down tall décor objects that can fill the bareness, they blend seamlessly with the rest of your kitchen décor to create a modern feel.

  1. Extra Wine Storage

If you do not have a wine cellar then it makes sense to store your wine on the open space above your kitchen cabinets. Stash a mini wine rack to prevent the bottles from rolling away. You can choose to add different types of wine to make a beautiful statement about your personality.

  1. Re-Capture the Empty Space

If you do not want the awkward space above your cabinets, then the final option is to re-capture the space by extending your cabinets up to the ceiling. This may involve removing the existing cabinets and installing them closer to the ceiling and adding a shelf below. Alternatively, you can install very tall cabinets that reach to the ceiling so that you do not have to make any adjustments below the units.

Finding something to fill the space on top of your cabinets can create a finished and integrated look that is visually appealing. The awkward space above the cabinets is one of the areas in a kitchen that seems to be begging for décor. Whether you are looking for practical storage or you want to add vintage art, you have a myriad possibility to decorate the space to suit your style and preferences.

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