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Six Remodeling Projects You May Not Have Considered

room_renovations7It’s no secret that a qualified home renovation company can help you accomplish a lot of different things in your home. All those years of training and experience lead to confident, organized workmanship—and ultimately to great results.

But many homeowners have a relatively limited idea of what they can accomplish with the help of a qualified pro. They might have specific ideas of what they want to do, and they don’t want to deviate from the plan. This is understandable, since all home renovations are considerable investments in time, energy, and money.

At the same time, many people are surprised when they learn about custom options for their home that can easily be accomplished with the help of a qualified home renovation specialist. Often times, these projects are relatively cheap.

So before you move forward on your planned home renovation project, imagine your home with any (or all) of these six customizations. You just might change your home renovation plans!

The custom bar

Custom countertops aren’t only for the kitchen. When a home renovator is sufficiently skilled in cabinetry and custom surface work, they should be able to deliver a custom bar that is up to the highest professional standards—including the countertop itself, storage, cabinetry, and other custom features that make a great bar.

The custom wardrobe

A beautiful, custom wardrobe designed to your specifications is not only a luxury for everyday life—it’s also a strong selling point that could benefit your market value. A qualified consultant should be able to look at your available space, take measurements, and give you a concise idea of what can be accomplished within your budget.

The laundry room

Tired of that cramped, disorganized laundry room? This is one home renovation that can truly make life easier. By redesigning your laundry space, adding custom storage, and improving the overall use of space, professional renovators can make laundry less of a chore.

The home office

More and more people are working more and more hours at home. This means that home offices are no longer card tables in the corner of the basement. They’re important spaces where business is conducted. You want to be comfortable and feel like a professional when you work from home. A home renovator may be able to deliver a surprising home office for a price that rivals a trip to Ikea.

The den/entertainment room

One of the pleasures of checking into a nice hotel is the way things appear seamless. The TV is built into the wall. The desks and shelves are built in, and everything feels both comfortable and professional. Imagine having this feeling every time you sit down in your home’s den or entertainment room—that’s why more Americans are investing in special customizations for these areas.

The personal library

Customizing your personal library adds a stately, classic touch to any home. Whether you’re truly a reader or just enjoy the aesthetic value of books, you’ll derive a lot of enjoyment from a custom library designed and installed by a talented professional renovator. Potential buyers and home finance specialists will also appreciate this unique feature when they put a price on your home.

What’s your ideal renovation?

Kitchens and bathrooms are (and will always be) two of the most popular renovations out there. Many other types of renovation, including additions and wall removals, will always be high on the list of every homeowner. But the custom features listed here can also be highly rewarding—not to mention valuable. Finding the ideal renovation for you is all about striking a balance between your own tastes and broader trends that will affect your property’s market value.

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