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Laundry Rooms

Laundry Room Design Ideas

Laundry rooms are typically limited in space and overlooked when remodeling, but they can be incredibly efficient if designed well and the right accessories are incorporated.

Select your washer/dryer.
This is the first place to start, because your cabinets, sink, counters, and accessories will be designed around your washer/dryer. If you are keeping your existing washer/dryer, then your work here is done. If you are buying new machines, then you will need to decide between stackable or side-by-side. Your room size may limit you to stackable, which is more compact.
Create a wish-list.
Since laundry rooms are often small, you might not be able to fit everything you want. Create a prioritized wish list so that your designer knows what to focus on. We normally suggest:

  • counter area next to the washer/dryer
  • A large sink – depending on plumbing conditions
  • Hanging rods for drying clothes
  • Cabinet storage or open shelves for cleaning supplies
  • Specific location for laundry bins and/or baskets
  • Space for an ironing board and/or Steamer
Cabinet Ideas.
Designing the laundry room with semi-custom or custom cabinets is the best way to create dedicated storage areas. Cabinet sizes can be modified to fit the room like a glove. This means making use of every inch of a tight area. Cabinets can be designed with hamper pull-outs or tilt-outs, keeping dirty clothes out of sight.

Pull out hampers

Tilt out hamper
The right accessories can make a big difference in areas that are especially tight on space. A few great examples are pull out ironing boards and wall-hung drying racks.

Pull out ironing board

Drying rack.
Laundry combo rooms.
Laundry rooms are sometimes shared spaces. Here is an example of a mudroom/laundry room combination. The room accommodates a side-by-side washer/dryer machine, a farm sink, a closet for coat storage, a built-in refrigerator (supplementary to the main kitchen refrigerator) and plenty of cabinet storage and counter space. A custom feature to the laundry room is the folding wood top over the washer and dryer.

Closed wood top

Open wood top

Farm Sink

Spare refrigerator