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Should I Remodel My Own Kitchen or Hire a Professional?

IMG_0734_FinalIf you rank the most important rooms in your home, the kitchen will probably sit at (or near) the top of the list. There’s a reason why so many real estate agents, designers, and prospective home buyers are interested in this vital area. The kitchen effectively shapes the lifestyle available to current and future occupants of the home. As such, it has a tangible effect on the market value.

Given these facts, most homeowners think about renovating their kitchens sooner or later. The appliances may be outdated. The counter space may be inadequate. The storage possibilities may be seriously lacking. Any or all of these limitations will have a direct impact on meal preparation, cleanup, in-kitchen dining, and the overall experience of living in a home.

But is it really necessary to spend tens of thousands on kitchen renovations? Can’t the average homeowner perform kitchen renovations on their own, for a fraction of the price? The answer depends on two simple factors.

Your experience and skill-level

If you’re an experienced DIY renovator with plenty of projects under your belt, or if you’ve worked as a contractor in the past, you’ll have a good idea what you’re capable of. Kitchen renovations can be time-consuming, and they require careful planning to make sure things go smoothly.

On the other hand, if you’re just starting out and don’t have much experience, you’ll want to think carefully before you embark on a kitchen renovation project. Potential savings can evaporate quickly when things don’t go as planned. Finding the right professional to help plan, design and carry out your renovations may actually be the more economical choice.

The size and scope of your kitchen project

Some kitchen renovations are relatively simple, and the average homeowner can handle them without much trouble. Installing new pulls and knobs for the kitchen cabinetry, or adding a fresh coat of paint, are two examples. But when you start talking new countertops, storage upgrades, installing a sink, modifications to the lighting systems, built-in appliances, kitchen islands and other major features, the bar is considerably higher. Without the right training and tools, attempting these projects can easily become more expensive than hiring a professional kitchen remodeler. It can also be more time-consuming and stressful.

What’s the right answer for you?

Tackling a kitchen renovation project yourself can be incredibly rewarding and satisfying; but it can also lead to runaway budget problems, frustrations, and visible mistakes that detract from the quality of the renovation. If you have any doubt about your ability to complete the kitchen renovation you have in mind, you may want to think about consulting neighbors, friends, or a kitchen consultant for their perspective. Even if you do end up going the DIY route, you’ll have a better idea of what to expect, how to plan, and how to avoid possible pitfalls. You may also learn about kitchen renovation options you hadn’t considered.

Thanks for reading, and best of luck with your kitchen renovations!

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