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What are Some Decorative Open Shelving Kitchen Ideas?

As we continue our journey through modern times, open shelves are slowly taking over the market in our kitchens at the expense of mounted cabinets. Although still quite popular, mounted cabinets are seen as an extra expense that could be replaced with stylish open shelving kitchens. The open shelves put an emphasis on simplicity successfully eliminating the extra clutter. As this method of styling continues to grow, many would wonder what exactly to do with these open shelves to make the most of storage space and most especially the aesthetic advantage it has to offer. This article looks at some decorative open shelving kitchen ideas that are likely to give you some insight.

  • Live-Edge Shelving

If you are one who is greatly appealed by the rustic look, then this is definitely achievable for your kitchen using these live-edge shelves.

Storage system in the kitchen
They are mostly incorporated in farmhouse-style kitchens and use floating shelves. These shelves are mostly made from stained wood or even reclaimed wood, both of which at the end of the day will give you a breathtaking rustic kitchen. They are suitable for most kitchen spaces and are not likely to go wrong.

The live-edge shelves may cost you a bit more than the average basic wood shelving, but at the end of the day, this upgrade is worth all the hustle. The slabs of wood have some of the bark visible that accounts for most of the rustic charm.

  • Open Shelving with Hanging Storage

To give your kitchen a more diverse look, you can apply both open shelving and hanging storage. Having your entire kitchen fitted with open shelves will give you a symmetrical feel where everything is balanced out. Incorporating a little bit of hanging storage will definitely give your kitchen an alternative beautiful décor as it greatly complements the open shelves.

  • An Open Pantry

An open shelving kitchen is great for the design of the kitchen but would make it even better is if its functionality is also included. If you need a pantry in your kitchen, an open shelving design will be able to transform a plain wall into your own pantry at an affordable cost and without forgoing the beautiful design of your kitchen. It is a good idea simply because the visibility of having all your dry goods on display will help you in tracking what needs to be restocked.

  • Saving Money

During renovation and upgrading of your kitchen, it should be noted that saving money will be what you are striving at. An open shelving kitchen will help you achieve this simply because instead of removing and buying new cabinet doors, the existing ones can simply be removed to create open shelves. To make more of a statement in your kitchen, you can paint the inside surfaces of your cabinets an alternative color.

  • A Coffee Bar

Many people today love coffee and simply cannot start their day without a steaming cup. The open shelving kitchen idea can be incorporated to make your life easier. This can be done by installing a few shelves just above your coffee pot creating a coffee bar in your kitchen from a plain wall. All your coffee favorites can then be stored just within your reach.

  • New Shelving Ideas

Thanks to modern times, the open shelving kitchen ideas are not only all about the farmhouse feel that uses wooden slabs. With the diversity in materials that can be used, open shelving can be made to blend with the modern look that your kitchen may have. An example of these includes gold and brass finishes that may have any type of pattern.

  • Open Shelving Above the Sink

When we look at the ordinary kitchen design, a short cabinet is usually placed right above the sink. This can be replaced with two or three well-placed shelves that would be able to give you an airier impression while doing your kitchen chores. The added storage can be used for soaps and anything that wouldn’t be damaged when exposed to moisture. This can also include a houseplant.

Open shelving has proven to be quite the alternative to our normal kitchen cabinets. This is because it displays a number of advantages not only in its aesthetic appeal but also in its functionality. To add an extra suggestion, your color palette should be simple and items would look better if they are clustered in groups of three. Variation of height would also give a better eye appeal.

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