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Do I Need a Custom Vanity?

Your bathroom vanity may not seem as important as your kitchen cabinets, but the same considerations of quality, functionality, and overall design come into play just as heavily. Stock vanities from a furniture store, or online retailer may look visually appealing from a glance, but there are usually significant differences in quality. There are also aspects of functionality you may not even realize you’re missing out on.

Firstly, the quality of a bathroom vanity is actually more important than for kitchen cabinetry for a very specific reason – moisture. The quality of the finish will be under greater stress in a room where you are showering. The wood itself can also be an issue in regards to moisture. Many stock cabinets use a low-grade particle board that is more absorbent than plywood, and can bubble and expand over time. The hardware used in a custom cabinet is also higher quality and will hold up better over time.

Master baths or larger bathrooms are a great place to invest in custom cabinets for both your immediate future, and potential resale value. The variety of options that become available allow for a built-in furniture look and will meet specific storage needs. Storage accessories, such as pullouts for hair dryers, storage space for shampoos and conditioners, jewelry storage, etc. can be incorporated based on how you use your bathroom. In a large luxury master bath, the custom cabinetry can also include the addition of linen cabinets, make-up vanities, mirror frames that match the cabinetry, crown molding, and door paneling for the front of a whirlpool/tub.

Custom cabinetry is just as helpful in designing around tight spaces. Smaller bathrooms that don’t have an ideal space for standard sized stock cabinets benefit greatly. In fact, some bathrooms are so small a standard size sink and faucet won’t even fit. There are also situations where a vanity has to work around an existing structural obstruction, or even a window. Rather than going through the effort and expense of renovating and redesigning the space to fit a standard size vanity, just customize the vanity to work with the space. Ordering a custom vanity is the same as ordering kitchen cabinetry. Your designer measures the existing space and creates the optimal option.

For any scenario, custom companies offer a far greater number of design options to coordinate with the rest of the room. You have the benefit of choosing from many different door styles and finishes. You are getting a unique piece of furniture that has the painted finish, rustic wood grain, color, and style that perfectly works with your bathroom and your house. If you’re already spending a lot of time, money, and energy on a renovation, it makes sense to complete the bathroom with the right vanity.

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