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Kitchen Trends 2022 – The Latest Kitchen Designs

The kitchen trends in 2022 have taken a different approach with clever twists and innovative design ideas on the overall décor and state-of-the-art appliances. It is more about adding charm and character to every room in the house including the Kitchen. Since the kitchen has always been a key part of the house, design experts are always looking to improve their interior design trends with the latest crop of new ideas, new materials, new moods, and new textures to make it more dynamic than ever. This article looks at some of the latest kitchen designs to try out in 2022.

  • Natural Elements

The use of natural materials in the kitchen has increased considerably this year to strengthen the appeal of granite, marble, and unpainted wood cabinets.

Beautiful kitchen interior with new stylish furniture
Besides their rich aesthetic beauty, natural materials are widely recognized for their eco-friendly properties as they reduce the amount of chemically treated items in your home. Introducing Cerused oak cabinetry with basket-style pendants provides a durable and wonderful texture, giving great balance to the overall design.

  • Layering

It is possible to layer patterns, lighting, textures, and much more to produce a unique overall design. It is all about starting with a particular theme and adding variations of the same theme on top of each other. The trend of patterns within patterns has gained popularity in design as it adds a unique look to kitchen décor. You can achieve this by choosing a single pattern then layer it into different areas, in different colors.

  • Minimalism

The kitchens trends in 2022 involve keeping things tidy and spare. Everyone is leaning more towards technology and smart functionality. You will see more app-controlled, voice-controlled, and cordless smart appliances in the kitchen. Minimal design often includes clean lines but the latest kitchen designs are in the form of geometric patterns, fine-grained woods, and angular design on appliances and faucets. However, future designs will see more organic curves and geometric lines hanging out in perfect harmony next to each other.

  • Color Pops

Kitchens in 2022 are now rife with color opportunities ranging from kitchen tile ideas and flooring to window treatments, appliances, and cabinets. The pops of colors we choose for the kitchen could be naturally influenced by our current fashions. Regardless of the color, you choose for your walls or fittings, they should last a minimum of five years. So, try to choose a kitchen color scheme beyond immediate trends that will make you feel good long term.

  • Hidden Storage

The desire to have less clutter around the kitchen has led to the idea of disappearing upper cabinets. This design aims to allow enough room for the eyes to breathe and shift more towards aesthetics rather than practicality. The mentality of simplifying and purging has left many homeowners asking for less closed storage. Most of the newly designed kitchens in 2022 will primarily display the lower cabinetry.

  • Subtly Patterned White Surfaces

White kitchen ideas are still here to stay but have come with a twist this time. Instead of the bright, sparkling surfaces, everyone is used to; the latest trends of white kitchen surfaces have added a small tweak of texture and tactility. They no longer showcase the gleaming appearance we have seen over the years but they carry with them a certain earthiness that conveys the appearance of beauty and natural, organic materials.

  • Woodgrain

The return of the wood grain as a kitchen trend in 2022 is admired as much as veining in marble. Now is not the time to pick up the paintbrush but instead, forget about the glossy finishes and embrace the slices of organic, naturally occurring beauty of the wood grain. It is not only beautiful but also adds soothing depth to your kitchen. There is a growing desire for classic, durable products with a light footprint.

  • Flexible Lighting

Lighting plays a key role as the kitchens in 2022 continues to transform into a multi-functional space. The ability to adjust your light based on the task is an ideal trend. It could be as complex as app-controlled light intensity and color temperature or as simple as the ability to dim levels. Whether they are plugged in or hardwired, you can install them where and how they are needed to add both style and illumination.

Most of the kitchen design trends of 2022 are expected to stay relevant at least for the next decade. It is all about focusing on the future and the thing that will still look beautiful and friendly to the eyes every time we move into the kitchen. Incorporating some of these latest trends in your kitchen not only improves its aesthetics but also makes it more functional and practical.

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