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Pet Friendly Features You Can Add to Your Kitchen Remodel

For the longest time, pets have been known to provide the best company to humans. The best thing about pets is that they do not hold grudges nor do they keep anger in themselves. If you annoy them when leaving the house, you will find them by the door, wagging their tails, ready to happily welcome you back.

A study was once carried out to assess the effect of pets on the quality of life of humans. It was found that people who had pets in their house led more quality lives and were less stressed than their counterparts who did not own pets. This just demonstrates the important role pets play in our lives. As a way of saying thank you to them, you can add features friendly to your fluffy friend when remodeling your kitchen.

  • Pull Out Waste Bins
dog in a luxury kitchen
No one likes the idea of cleaning their kitchen now and then. Placing waste bins on the floor will present you with lots of cleaning to do when pets knock over them. To avoid this hassle, you could design a pull out drawer for placing the waste bins. This will help keep your space clear of clutter and waste spilled when your pet is playing around. In addition, it will eliminate the unsightly picture of waste lying bear on your kitchen floor where cleanliness should be at the highest levels because of food production.

  • Inbuilt Beds

Sometimes pets may become a nuisance when wagging their tails on your feet. The kitchen is not the best place to do that. Keeping them tucked in their beds or cages can help keep your kitchen organized and neat. This will also help keep them safe from harm because if a knife happened to fall on a pet, they would sustain injuries. You can design inbuilt beds and cages in one of the kitchen floor cabinets.

  • Pet-Friendly Floor

One of the many ways to make your kitchen pet friendly is by installing a pet-friendly floor. Other floors, especially tiles and marble will be too tough for young paws and they might end up damaging their nails. In this case, you will incur unnecessary costs with a veterinarian because of pet grooming. Laminate is the best choice for pet-friendly kitchen floors; it is a little dark and does not show pet hair. Again, it is softer on young paws and this will help keep their nails in the best condition possible.

  • Pull Out Feeding Dishes

Think of the many times you have knocked down the pet dishes on the kitchen floor when moving around. The worst part of it is when you have to mop the spilled water and pet food. The good news is that you no longer have to go through this. You can do away with all this hassle by tucking in the pet dishes. You can do this by having them in built-in one of them pulls out drawers. Be sure to tuck them on the lowest drawers to avoid the pets climbing so high to reach the food. At the end of the day, you will also have a cleaner and orderly free space in the kitchen. Also, ensure to install safe kitchen hardware and keep off any sharp-edged items. Similarly, install knobs instead of pulls and this will prevent your pet’s claws from being trapped.

  • Pet-Friendly Surfaces

While you may adore the appearance of a cascade ledge and serious shine cupboards, consider what they will look like shrouded in paw and nose prints left by your textured companion. In case you would prefer not to clean continually, sharpened ledges and recolored or painted cupboards are better wagers.

  • Safe Cleaning Products

When shopping for cleaning products, especially for floors, most people concentrate only on the toughness of the solutions on stains. What they forget is that some of these solutions are harmful to the health of their fluffy friends. Some of them like bleach may cause allergies and skin irritation on pets and are thus not one of the safest cleaning products when you have pets in the house.

The best kitchen highlights to fuse into your kitchen configuration are not about explicit styles or patterns. Instead, they are about how you utilize your kitchen and how you carry on with your life. That is the reason, for certain property holders, a pet-accommodating kitchen is a perfect choice. With the information in this article, you should now be better placed to introduce quality pet-friendly features in your kitchen.

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