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Why Don’t Most Kitchen Cabinets Touch The Ceiling?

Kitchen cabinets are the second most notable item after the floor. It, therefore, means that your kitchen cabinets can speak a lot about your taste and style. One of the most trending features in modern kitchens is cabinets that touch the ceiling. These are used to display a taste for style and class. They also come with additional space for storing items and sometimes hiding some appliances from the countertops. This reduces the cluttering brought about by appliances, which makes ceiling height cabinets ideal for kitchens with limited space. However, even as good as they sound, most kitchens have ideal height cabinets. Ceiling height cabinets are not as popular as one would imagine. This article gives details on what prevents most kitchen cabinets from touching the ceiling.

  • Cost 
Updated contemporary kitchen room interior in white and dark tones.
When building or remodeling kitchens, the cost is at the top of the priority list. This is mainly because cabinets take the lion’s share of the cost of remodeling a kitchen. So many people are in search of ways to make their kitchens more stylish at a minimal cost. Ceiling height kitchen cabinets are so tall that they increase the square footage of the cabinets. Since the more square footage, the higher the cost of installation, ceiling height cabinets are more expensive than normal size cabinets. Ceiling height cabinets also require extra equipment like ladders to access the out-of-touch areas.

  • Kitchen Size

Another major block to ceiling height kitchen cabinets is the size of the kitchen. Most people who have ceiling height cabinets are in search of additional space for extra storage of items and appliances. If you have a big enough kitchen, then you can have all your kitchen cabinets at normal height without having to worry about storage space. At the same time, very small kitchens cannot host ceiling height cabinets because they end up looking cramped, which removes the fun out of remodeling.

  • Ceiling Height

The height of your ceiling also plays a critical role in determining the height of your kitchen cabinets. Most kitchens have a normal height ceiling of 8 feet and can therefore carry the ceiling height cabinets if all other factors allow it. However, if your kitchen ceiling height goes above 8 feet, say 9 feet, it will be almost impossible to have the ceiling height cabinets. This is because the square footage will increase and this will in turn increase the installation cost. Worse still, very high cabinets are hard to access and this flushes the gains of additional storage down the drain.

  • Maintenance

Kitchen cabinets catch grease from hot fumes produced by heavy-duty cooking. Therefore, they need a thorough cleaning after some time. Ceiling height cabinets are hard to clean since you need equipment like a ladder to access them. With minimal maintenance, the cabinets will wear out sooner than expected and this does not augur so well for their durability. If at all ceiling height cabinets are hard to reach, you can imagine how difficult it will be to clean them. Dirty kitchen cabinets are the last thing you want in a remodeled kitchen. They water down the gains of the whole idea of furnishing your kitchen.

  • Access 

Access is another major player in whether you have ceiling height or normal height kitchen cabinets. You do not want your spices, foods and other ingredients stocked very high. This would make your cooking difficult and discouraging. Ceiling height cabinets require ladders, thus making it even more challenging to access the top layers. Climbing ladders is also dangerous since you can take a fall and sustain serious bodily injuries. It also means that kids and the elderly cannot use the top layers of the cabinetry, and this is not very accommodative for the family.

  • Cramped Effect

As previously noted, smaller kitchens have a limited amount of space such that if they were to hold ceiling height cabinets, the whole place would end up looking cramped. A Cramped kitchen feels crowded and smaller than it is. This has the ripple effect of making the kitchen seem and feel unappealing and unwelcoming. Your family will not even feel comfortable sticking around for dinner.

These are not the only factors to consider when installing kitchen cabinets because durability, finish and the type of wood also have to come into play. When it comes to the point of installation, ensure to entrust the job to a highly skilled and experienced contractor. Most important, pay attention to the design of your kitchen since every kitchen has its peculiar characteristics that are different.

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