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What Is A Kitchen Bump Out Addition?

A kitchen bump out is a minor addition that increases the total square footage of a home but does not meet the specifications of a full-size kitchen. It can be as large as a single room or as small as 2 or 3 feet that extend outside the house. In most cases, bump-outs are used in kitchens to accommodate significant elements like countertops and cooking areas. Bump-outs can also be used for additional features like window seats or walk-in closets. This article explores the differences between a bump-out kitchen and a full-sized kitchen and the reasons for investing in a kitchen bump out.

Differences between Kitchen Bump-Outs and Full-Size Kitchens

A full-size kitchen addition is more expensive to install than a kitchen bump out. Installing a full kitchen is a labor-intensive type of project that involves roof additions, and altering the shape of your foundation. It may also require upgrades for the HVAC system.

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On the contrary, bump-outs call for a smaller obligation from homeowners as they cost less than full-size additions and take less time to install. A simple kitchen bump out only requires a lean-to roof and works with the existing HVAC systems in the building.

You can easily budget for a kitchen bump out since less labor is involved. A bump out is a seamless addition that helps you achieve the kitchen design you have always wanted. A bump out can give you room for shelves and cabinets, especially if you have been storing food or dishes in other places besides your kitchen. It can also solve your problem if you lack a dining space since it creates extra rooms for entertaining or keeping luxury appliances. A full-size kitchen can take care of what a bump-out kitchen handles but is labor-intensive because it adds larger square footage making it a costly investment than a bump out.

Reasons to Invest in a Kitchen Bump Out

  • Add a Breakfast Nook

There is a good reason why families with children dream of installing a breakfast nook inside their kitchen. It gives extra room in the kitchen for kids to hang out without being in the way. A bump out can make your kitchen more functional by providing just enough space for installing a cozy nook. If you already have a spacious kitchen, this addition can make it possible to install a booth as well. It is always important to talk to your contractor about your brilliant ideas and whether they can be turned into reality.

  • Install More Cabinets

A bump out can be what you might have been looking for, especially if you lack enough storage to keep food, pans, pots, and other kitchen equipment. It only takes a little extra inch for all these items to fit snugly in extra cabinets added into the space provided by a kitchen bump out. There are unique shelving configurations and pullout features that can be installed in this added space to increase your storage options. It is crucial to involve your contractor when exploring the options and possibilities of cabinet designs that can fit in your kitchen bump out.

  • Cost Savings

If you are looking for more kitchen space but don’t want to incur a great expense for the addition, then a bump-out can offer the best solution to fit your budget. They are generally affordable compared to full-size kitchen additions. Since you will be using the existing HVAC systems and other connections from the main house, you save yourself a great cost of going the longer route with a full-size design. A professional contractor can make a bump out more affordable depending on your kitchen layout.

  • Increase Home Value

Homebuyers are attracted to beautiful and spacious kitchens that are well designed. Anything you do that improves the functionality of your kitchen layout or makes the space easier to use increases your home value. A bump out can bail you out if your kitchen is perceived to be smaller than what most people find desirable. Although you may have incurred fewer upfront costs than a full-size kitchen, it makes for a more rewarding investment than before the addition. When the time is right, a good kitchen bump out can help you sell your home faster and at higher returns on investment.

A kitchen bump out is desirable because it adds extra space in the kitchen without expanding into another room. A bump out is a small and practical addition that is less costly and improves the functionality of your kitchen layout. Besides adding extra storage space, it adds more square footage that allows for convenient food preparation. You can always work out everything you need with a professional contractor to help you turn your ideas into reality.


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