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Top 10 Ideas to Increase Kitchen Storage

There are many reasons why you should have properly stored and organized food storage around your kitchen. Not only does it minimize clutter but it also helps to know where to stash different kitchen items. Since you do not want your ingredients or items to be mixed up, having a place to keep them ensures they can easily be found when needed. There are several ways to increase kitchen storage if you feel you are running out of space or do not know where to place items lying around your kitchen. This article looks at top 10 ideas to increase kitchen storage.

  1. Start by Decluttering Your Kitchen

Empty cans, boxes, and other items that are no longer needed should be tossed out to create room for useful items. It is also important to get rid of anything dirty, stale, or well past its expiration date to increase storage space for fresh produce and other kitchen items.

Modern pantry interior design. 3d rendering concept
  1. Add Freestanding Shelves

Freestanding shelves can create added spots for stashing everything from pans and pots to appliances. They pack in extra square footage that does not disappoint when it comes to storing large cookware. The good thing about having freestanding shelves is that you can easily shift its position depending on your storage needs or preferences.

  1. Downsize Your Furniture

Consider a half-moon table rather than a full round one as it can help you save the extra space that would have otherwise been wasted. You can always shop around for a small but practical breakfast table and position the straight side against the wall. You can also reduce the number of kitchen stools or chairs that are rarely used.

  1. Hang a Pegboard

Walls can offer more storage space for pans, pots, and canisters that hold utensils. Consider hanging a pegboard as it provides a flexible storage space that can always be adjusted over time depending on your needs. It is also important to organize the items on your pegboard so that they do not look scattered across the wall.

  1. Use Shelf Risers

Shelf risers can help you take advantage of the empty vertical space in your cabinets or open shelves. It keeps items separated at all times so you do not have to fumble around when trying to pick something out of a huge stack. Shelf risers create extra storage within each shelf by doubling up space.

  1. Hang Your Stemware

A stemware can help you make good use of the open space under your shelves or cabinets. You can either display your wine glasses by hanging it underneath your cabinet or tuck it away inside the cabinet for hidden storage. Whatever choice you make, you will have created extra space that keeps your glasses neat and organized.

  1. Add a Magnetic Knife Bar

A magnetic knife bar is another solution that can help you save more on counter space. It can be installed on either a wall or any vertical surface where you can easily access your knives when needed. You will not have to worry about the danger posed by your sharp knives because they are neatly attached to the magnetic bar.

  1. Build Going Up, Not Out

Take advantage of the vertical space on your walls by building cabinets up. You can create more storage space even if you do not have very high ceilings. Since the upper cabinets can be difficult to access easily, they are a great place to store appliances and other kitchen items you do not use often.

  1. Try a Pull-Out Pantry

Dry goods, spices, and other cooking essentials can be stored in a pullout pantry. It provides easy access to smaller items that can be hard to find when you are preparing meals. This style also works great for L-shaped or corner cabinets since every inch of your cabinet space counts.

  1. Add Cabinets to Your Island

Instead of ignoring the space under your island, consider adding some drawers or cabinets for extra storage space. You can choose to add it on both sides or concentrate on one side so that you do not have to disrupt breakfast time when people are seated on one end of the island.

These little tricks and cabinet solutions can help you increase your kitchen storage without having to spend more than what you intend to. It is important to make the most of any available space. Doing this helps get rid of clutter and makes it easier to access different items or appliances when needed.

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