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Hidden Appliances within Custom Cabinetry

The industry solution has been integrated/panel ready appliances. This is the term for appliances that are made ready to accept wood panels that match your cabinets. Designed this way, your appliances can literally look like furniture and will blend seamlessly into your cabinetry layout. Here are some examples…

For a small kitchen:

In a tight space, multiple appliances in stainless steel can make the room look crowded and even smaller. In this kitchen below, which fits a 36” refrigerator, a dishwasher, a cooktop, and an undercounter oven – cabinet door panels cover the integrated, french-door refrigerator. As a result, the refrigerator does not call attention away from the design.

Made to look like furniture:

In this example shown in the following photos, two symmetrical “hutches” on either side of a stone accent wall hold freezer drawers and a warming drawer on opposite sides. This kitchen was quite large and already loaded with appliances. These hutches compliment the kitchen in a subtle manner, avoiding becoming an unwanted focal point, drawing attention away from the stone archway.

Hidden in the island:

Islands are great places to hold additional appliances such as refrigerator/freezer drawers and warming drawers. Paneling them makes them look just like another cabinet and avoids calling attention to the appliances. In the photo below, we designed the panels on this integrated refrigerator drawer unit to look like beaded inset cabinetry.

Home Bar:

If your home bar is in a common area, family room, or open concept, you might not want your under-counter refrigerator or wine storage to be obvious. Here are some examples of paneled appliances in family rooms and open concepts: