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How to Decorate the Space above Kitchen Cabinets

While constructing the high wall kitchen cabinetry, some space may be left between the ceiling and the top of the cabinetry. While some people opt to leave it unutilized, most people find it odd to leave the space idle. There are many ways to make good use of this extra space and this article looks at exactly that.

  • Use as a Secret Stash

The space can be a great place to use as a stash for secret items. Its high to reach description makes it a perfect place for hiding things, especially those you want to keep away from children. However, to accomplish a perfect secret stash, you might want to construct some cheap nooks.

It may not serve the purpose of a safe but at least it will discourage people to climb up the cabinetry to reach them. For your safety, have a ladder so that you do not have to climb on the countertop to access such items.

  • Go The Fashion Way

The space above the cabinetry may not be that big but it is a great way to display your sense of fashion. In line with this, try stacking some artifacts such as mosaic painted pots. Alternatively, you can hang in colored wallpaper or even pint it in your preference. You could also stack some rattan bags to display your sense of taste and fashion.

  • Stash Some Books

The unutilized space above the cabinetry is a great place to stack your books so that you can decongest the living room. The most appropriate genre to go with this space is recipe books so that you do not have to rush back to the living room to pull out some recipe you just thought of. For easier access, ensure you have a stepladder ready.

  • Install Some Twinkle Lighting

You can hang in some twinkle lights. This will light up the kitchen area and because the twinkle lights do not consume much electric energy like normal bulbs, this will save you some money on energy bills. It will also help illuminate your cooktop so that you can comfortably cook your meals and even experiment with some new recipes.

  • Display a Collection

Space is also a great place to display your collection of souvenir, which includes trophies, artifacts, and carvings. Some items such as artifacts and carvings can be painted in a color that matches that of the cabinetry and the walls. You can also display some beautifully crafted and mosaic painted rocks. The best thing about placing such items in the space is that they are hard to reach, which means they will not be broken or damaged. It gives you the peace of mind that they are safe from damages, unlike when they are placed at the space above the fireplace.

  • Bring in Low Light Plants

If you love the sight of nature, this space is the best place to bring in some low light plants. The plants will help clean the hot fumes produced by your cooking, as well as providing you with some bits of oxygen. However, these are for the people who do not mind climbing up a ladder to water the plants. However, if you do not like the idea of having to tend to the plants, you could also find some artificial plants and people will hardly notice the difference. You can still show your sense of fashion by painting the plant pots in mosaic color design.

  • Stash in Art Gallery

Although keeping art in the kitchen may be difficult due to the splashing of water, oil, and heat, you could still hang in some bits of cheap gallery. Ensure that the space is very high if you will not bring in the artwork. This will help protect them from damage since people will be discouraged to pick them, and splashes will not reach it. Even as you do that, ensure to keep things simple, as you do not want the kitchen area looking crowded.

As seen in this article, so many ways exist for you to utilize the space above your kitchen cabinets. With these many ideas, these area does not have to look boring. Some people may argue that the cabinetry should be moved up to the ceiling. It is still a good idea but in case it is an apartment or a rented house, you can just let it be. This will free up your space and make it look even bigger than it is.

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