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Bathroom Renovations: Should I Really Consult a Professional?

bathroom_renovation13A modern, clean, well-appointed bathroom is a great selling point for any home. Even if you aren’t planning to sell anytime soon, renovated bathrooms serve two important purposes: 1) They improve your daily lifestyle at home, and 2) They increase your home’s market value for refinancing and/or a possible sale in the future.

We know that bathrooms are one of the most solid home renovation investments out there for a number of reasons. But how does the average homeowner go about this? There are so many things to decide, and most homeowners are working with a strict budget. What type of renovation is most important to you? What about the quality of the fixtures and appliances—should you try to save money here, or go with the best products/materials available? In terms of design and layout, what are the most sensible and marketable options?

Answering all of these questions on your own may be difficult, but that doesn’t mean it’s impossible. Some homeowners are savvy in terms of contracting work, and derive a lot of satisfaction from planning (and even performing) bathroom renovations without help. For the rest of the population, however, the case for professional help is fairly compelling. The main reasons for this are simple:

A professional will conduct a detailed, on-site evaluation of your bathroom(s).

Professional bathroom renovators have seen it all: Large spaces, small spaces, and everything in between. Years of experience give professionals a valuable perspective on your space, even at first glance. They’ll also be able to give you ideas and information you haven’t thought of, while taking your budget into account. This on-site evaluation will include measurements and a discussion of how to accomplish the best possible renovations at the best possible value. In short—professional on-site evaluations are worth it!

Many professionals will produce drawings of possible layouts and changes, specific to your bathroom, using industry-standard software.

You know you’re dealing with a pro when, after evaluating your bathroom space, they deliver sophisticated blueprints of possible renovations. This helps you visualize what’s possible and how it can be achieved. Only qualified professionals demonstrate this level of organization and competence—but you should always be sure to verify the contractor’s reputation with third party reviews on sites like Google+ and Houzz.

A qualified bathroom renovator will present you with a wide selection of materials, fixtures, countertop, lighting, and cabinetry options.

Finding the best fixtures and materials for your bathroom can be confusing…even a little overwhelming. The sheer quantity of information out there can be difficult to process. Opting for a professional consultation is a smart bet for many homeowners, because it filters out a lot of the “white noise” and allows you to focus on the practical, real-world choices available for your project.

So…is a profession consultation really worth it?

The short answer is yes—for the majority of homeowners. Unless you’re well-schooled in home renovations, and have a wealth of experience under your belt, a professional bathroom renovator can help you make sure that your bathroom renovations dollars are wisely invested—even if you end up hiring a different contractor or doing the project yourself.

Best of luck with your bathroom renovation plans!

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