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Is Ash Wood Good For Kitchen Cabinets?

The key to planning a perfect modern kitchen design is to choose the right materials. Kitchen cabinets are available in a wide variety of wood each with its standout qualities. The wood material used in your kitchen cabinets not only determines their look but also how well they will stand up to daily use. Ash wood is a clean wood material for kitchen cabinets that comes with an even grain. With the right finish, it can be customized to give your kitchen a contemporary look and original feel. This article looks at some of the reasons why ash wood is good for kitchen cabinets.

Unique Qualities of Ash Wood

  • Quality Strength
Empty open upper cabinet made of toned black ash wood with bottle shelf and wineglasses holders on brick wall in summer kitchen

Ash kitchen cabinets are naturally strong and are commonly used in commercial kitchens. This means that it can hold heavy items without sinking in. Kitchen cabinet manufacturers have long used ash wood cabinets because of their ability to hold heavy items. You will not have a problem storing heavy kitchen appliances in ash wood cabinets as they can handle the weight.

  • Good Finishing

Carpenters are always assured of the perfect finish when using ash wood materials. Its texture creates an attractive wood finish for kitchen cabinets. Manufacturers who are looking for a high-quality wood finish usually prefer ash wood because it is reliable. Not only is ash wood highly durable but can also be made into unique intricate finishes. It is a great option in kitchens that pay more attention to the results.

  • Dense Grains

Ash wood is made up of dense grains that give it the best quality among other wood materials. This makes it ideal for kitchen cabinets that are designed to reveal the highest level of wood finish. It comes in various shades of beige that slightly darken over time. It always has a straight grain but could also have other unique patterns based on the condition the tree grew in.

  • Shock Resistance

There are times when items accidentally fall on kitchen cabinets. Ash kitchen cabinets are designed to absorb the highest level of shock resistance. Its high level of hardness makes ash wood ideal for kitchen applications. When treated well, the surfaces can serve different purposes in the kitchen to realize the best possible applications including storage.

Reasons To Paint or Stain Ash Wood Cabinets

Lighter woods used in kitchen cabinets can sometimes look a bit dated. Since ash wood is a naturally light-colored wood, the best way to revitalize its appearance and make it blend in with the modern kitchen trend is to stain or paint it. It is one of the few wood options that can be dyed or painted without losing its texture or grain. It can be painted with latex-based paint but the wood needs to be set up cautiously to ensure the wrap holds for a very long time. You can always choose from the wide variety of latex-based paints available to suit your kitchen style and preferences.

Ash wood cabinets need to be prepped thoroughly before they can be painted. It is only after the wood has undergone treatment can it be painted with a latex-based paint of your choice. Some of the popular paint options to consider for your ash wood cabinets are semi-gloss or gloss finishes. Painting with some sheen not only helps it reflect light but also makes it more durable in the long run.

What Does Ash Wood Look Like?

Ash wood can be distinguished from other types of wood by its grain, color, and structure. It is naturally a light-colored wood but the outer layers could have a somewhat yellowish color. Ashwood is particularly an attractive color for kitchen cabinets due to its structure. It is commonly used in the production of veneered furniture because of its marbled pattern. You can recognize ash wood by its visible annual rings. The cross-sections of this type of wood often reveal multi-colored stripes. The annual rings are located more than one and a half millimeters apart. Not only does it make it a stable wood option for kitchen cabinets but also indicates the high quality of ash wood.

The natural sheen and durability of ash wood make it an ideal wood option for your kitchen cabinets. Choosing ash wood as the go-to material for your kitchen cabinets gives your home a different look and an elegant feel. Just like any other type of furniture, ash wood kitchen cabinets come in all sorts of shapes and designs. It is important to choose a design that best suits your taste, style, and preferences.

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