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Are Wood Kitchen Cabinets Going Out of Style?

Kitchen trends will always come and go but some remain regardless of technological advancements. Wood kitchen cabinets have been around for some time but they have never been phased out of the current competition because of the advantages they offer over glass, metal, and other materials.

Natural wood kitchen cabinets are more appealing to potential homebuyers as they bring a sense of elegance and style into any kitchen. Many realtors will agree that wood kitchen cabinets are requested more often today than a few years ago. This article looks at some of the reasons why wood kitchen cabinets still reign supreme in recent times and the features that set them apart from other cabinet materials.

Why Your Kitchen Wood Cabinet Feels Old and Outdated

luxury wood kitchen cabinets

The presence of retro cabinetry and the once-trendy color schemes are telltale signs that give away your kitchen’s age. The finishes on wood kitchen cabinets can be stuck in time especially if they have seen better days. Some of the popular stain colors that are considered outdated are the overdyed red cherry of the ’90s, the 80’s golden oak, the 70’s dark Mediterranean stains, and the latest passing fad of expresso. Most cabinets that still have these finishes may appear old and outdated, as they have already been replaced by modern styles and trends. You can still resurface your wood kitchen cabinets with modern finishes as long as they are still intact and show no signs of weakness.

Reasons Why Wood Kitchen Cabinets Are Still Trending

  • Strong and Durable

Wood cabinets can stand the test of time because they are strong, durable, and lasting. They can support different types of countertop materials such as marble, slate, and granite. They can handle heavy use and hold up well under heat or steam. The nature of natural wood makes it easier to repair small dents, dings, and scratches on the cabinet’s surface. Since things may look different over time, wood can also be repaired, cleaned, refinished, and stained.

  • Easily Customizable

Wood can be customized to suit any architectural style home. For instance, darker wood like cherry, mahogany, and ebony is often used in a country, traditional, or eclectic style kitchens. This means that they cannot be used in contemporary style kitchens, which demand lighter wood material. There are traditions about the type of wood and finishes used in cabinet door designs as well as other kitchen styles.

  • They are Safe

Wood cabinets do not have any component in them that can chemically alter the food stored inside. The same cannot be said for metal cabinets as they are prone to rust and other chemical compounds that may not be safe for food storage. This is very crucial especially if you are living with children or elderly persons as it could compromise their immune system. Cabinets made of glass doors may seem aesthetically appealing but can easily break when handled with force leading to unnecessary accidents.

  • Widely Available

Wood kitchen cabinets come in a wide variety of styles, colors, and designs that allow a homeowner to choose one that best suits their style and décor. The wide range of choices and grains you get with wood is quite different from what you can achieve with metal and glass cabinets. It can also be finished in different ways to create a unique patina that adds to the style and elegance of your kitchen.

  • Affordability

Metal and glass cabinets are often more costly than wood given the availability of raw material and the total cost of production. Wood kitchen cabinets are affordable because they are readily available than other materials. This does not mean that you cannot get the most out of them since high-quality wood cabinets are also considered a costly luxury that can transform the look and feel of your kitchen space.

Wood cabinetry blends perfectly with painted surfaces and you can always choose a combination of both if you cannot make up your mind. Not all wood cabinets are relegated to a smooth waxed surface. They are still classic and beautiful with their rough-hewn depending on the kitchen style you intend to achieve. A darker wood cabinet lends itself towards a more industrial or traditional style kitchen while lightwood is an ideal choice for a Scandinavian or contemporary look. You can create a timeless look with wood cabinetry by using lots of white in the room as it keeps the kitchen light and bright. If you are still unsure whether to install wooden kitchen cabinets, you might want to speak to an expert for advice on the same.

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