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Are All White Kitchens Going Out of Style in 2021?

Your kitchen is one of the most important rooms in your home. This, therefore, brings in how important the interior décor is. Many styles and designs have come up and the key focus is on a white kitchen style. With the rising of other styles that bring in a pop of color for example colorful kitchen islands, most people are left wondering if white kitchens are now becoming a less popular option.

Reasons White Kitchens Will Not Go Out of Style

  • A Healthy History
Beautiful white kitchen design.
White has been a popular option over the past many years. When you look at the 1920s and ‘30s, white was the only color that many of the manufacturers offered to their clients. This was and still is majorly because we tend to associate white with sanitation and health. Household cleanliness is of major importance and what better way to portray it than white.

  • It is Marketable

When the records kept by the Home Appliance Manufacturers Association are analyzed, white has outsold all other colors available for your kitchen. Adding onto this, white countertops and cabinets top the list of the kitchen colors in the survey of the National Kitchen and Bath Association. Most home builders will therefore opt to use a white kitchen to make it more marketable to clients.

  • Inner Beauty

According to therapists, white represents happiness, innocence, and purity. The kitchen being a central part of the kitchen will therefore have to portray these emotions towards the household members as they share and prepare their meals. To add to the advantages of a white kitchen, white is a bright color therefore it will reflect light enhancing the natural look of your kitchen. This is mostly felt in small kitchens where the effect makes it look more spacious.

In a white kitchen, an architectural interest is created when the cabinet doors and trims form shadows that bring forth layers of contrast. Being a neutral color, white will also match with any color. From the light systems used to the hardware, the appliances and not forgetting the tile accents that are enhanced. The artworks and accessories that you choose for your kitchen will have an even more pronounced appearance.

  • It Gives You Options

There are a number of appliances that can be found in white and many of the manufacturers have produced variations of white. These include polished enamel that has an appearance resembling white glass. White countertops include the popular options, Carrara or Calacatta marble. These two options will enhance the overall appearance of your kitchen leaving no room for flopping.

There are also solid-surface countertops and quartz-type countertops that have a dazzling white look suitable for any kitchen big or small. If you would like to go for a cheaper option, white laminates will still give you the breathtaking effect that stone and solid surfaces would have given. There are also options for high-end customers such as unique white concrete.

The cabinets also come in any style or material you may desire and are available at any custom cabinet shop.

Must Everything be White?

For you to achieve a white kitchen, not all appliances you have should necessarily be white. It is a neutral color, your white cabinets and countertops will match effortlessly with steel or black appliances. It all comes down to how you scale the alternate colors with white so that the final effect has white predominating.

Other finishes can be mixed in too, for example, wood flooring can be a good complement to your white kitchen. Glass is also a good option that will not add color but will still give you a clean feeling. For example, this can be applied by having glass-front upper cabinets. Stainless steel can also be added because of its neutral look. Although, steel should be applied cautiously to prevent an un-cozy look.

Other Alternatives

There are new trends that have been coming up as alternatives to white kitchens. These may include, bright-colored cabinets, modern black, terra cotta tiles, and the new rustic just to name a few.

White has therefore proved to be a popular choice up to date with no signs of leaving the top of the charts. This has been seen because of its endless list of advantages that are hard to replace. Adding in a spot of color for example having wooden floors can enhance the look of your white kitchen. That being said, other kitchen trends also have a lot to offer and it will majorly come down to preference.


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