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3 Essential Bathroom Remodeling Ideas and Concepts

bathroom_renovation23Exciting Bath remodeling trends tend to focus in terms of what is the newest, hottest, and most innovative. But that also tends to mean expensive and unrealistic. We are going to cover ideas and concepts that are reasonable and realistic for most people doing a bath renovation, which we find are the most fundamental for almost all of our projects…

Customize your shower experience

Typically a house only needs one bath tub for resale value. So in a lot of master bathroom renovations, it’s common to do away with a tub altogether in favor of a large shower. By tiling the shower floor instead of using an acrylic base, you can make the shower any size and shape you want, getting the most out of your floor plan. Get creative with the plumbing and think about including a rain head, hand shower, and maybe even body sprays within the same shower. If the shower is large enough, you could even have shower heads at opposite ends. When designing the tile layout, think about incorporating a bench or ledge if you have the room. You’ll need about 15 inches if you plan on using it as a seat, and not simply a footstool. Where do you plan on putting your shower essentials? (soaps, shampoo, lotion, razor, etc.) How much you plan on keeping in there should inform how many shelves you need. Recessed niches are an ideal way to keep all that stuff out of sight. And make sure the shelf/niche locations don’t get in the way of your tile design.

Shower Doors.

Going through the work of renovating a bathroom and NOT installing a shower door can be pretty regrettable. It is a significant expense, and can cost a couple of thousand or more depending on the size, style, and glass type, but it’s a long term investment as well as a wonderful alternative to covering up a new tile design with a shower curtain. There are a wide selection of glass styles available, although clear glass usually makes the most sense because it allows light into the shower, it’s the least expensive, and it makes the bathroom appear larger. The glass manufacturers also offer to treat the glass with a coating, making cleaning much easier than in the past. A glass thickness of 3/8” thick will usually allow for a frameless shower door, which feels more substantial, is less “rattily” than the ¼” framed variety, and allows for a truly open look. If you aren’t sure you can afford a frameless shower door, you can always have one installed down the road after work is completed.


How much stuff do you keep in your bathroom? Most bathrooms either don’t have enough storage space, or have cabinets/closets that are not optimized for how you actually use your bathroom. Renovating is the perfect time to add a closet if possible, or additional cabinetry that matches the vanity (maybe a tall storage cabinet) Make sure to plan specifically for what you actually intend to keep in there to make sure you have enough room. Various types of pull-outs and organizers can be incorporated into custom cabinetry to accommodate hairdryers, towels, or small personal items, and this should be investigated before cabinets are ordered to ensure the cabinetry is being utilized appropriately. Electrical outlets can also be incorporated into the cabinet so you can keep electric toothbrushes, or other chargeable items out of site. If space is tight, which it usually is, consider recessing cabinetry into walls to allow for extra depth.

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