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Backsplash Trends of 2021

A backsplash in a kitchen can make a large difference in the interior design. Therefore, before one makes a final decision on which type of backsplash to use, many factors should be considered. These include, the samples of facades, the furniture like dining tables, countertops, the colors and designs of the walls, and most importantly the type of effect one wants to achieve. This article explains some of the best backsplash trends of 2021 that you should consider.

  • Bright Mosaic

Many kitchens today may not have large spaces and this fact, therefore, makes bright mosaic a popular option for many homeowners today. This is because the mosaic has the ability to enlarge the kitchen space visually.

Yellow tones kitchen with tile decorated backsplash, kitchen appliances
The colorful scheme that the pieces may have brings about a bright accent to one’s kitchen. The best part about this option is that the kitchen backsplash can be made from the remains of tiles, CDs, or even broken glass.

  • Mirror

Another type of backsplash that is popular for small kitchens is the mirror. This is because, like the mosaic, mirrors have a way of visually enlarging the space of a small kitchen and this is an advantageous aspect. Unlike mosaic, mirrors can give a kitchen a modernized look depending on its features. Like glass, mirrors are easy to wash and are durable because they do not fade and are resistant to chemicals.

  • Geometric Tiles

Today, geometric tiles are becoming a popular option for many households. This is because they bring about a stylish effect that is most importantly durable and will easily be consistent with the general design of the kitchen. Geometric tiles are also very easy to clean therefore a preferable option by many. Their durability is a result of resistance to alkalis and acids and they are not affected by sudden changes in the atmosphere.

  • A Window with a View

The thought of cooking as one has access to a good view is compelling for many. This has made this type of backsplash a major trend in 2021. This backsplash is achieved easily by replacing the existing backsplash with a window that is rectangular. Another added advantage of this particular backsplash is that the glass of the windows is easier to clean in comparison to those made of wood or natural stone.

  • Metal

Having metal backsplash has been a trend for a while and it is not likely to go out of style. The different types of metals that may be used for this purpose are brass, copper, or even silver. Metal can be used for a variety of interiors for example, in industries, or a simple home kitchen. It can achieve an artistic decorative look therefore the options for use are unlimited.

  • Brickwork

This kind of backsplash is preferable if the interior of the kitchen is loft-style. A pursuit to diversify a kitchen in the décor using texture makes brickwork a preferable option. A special moisture-resistant varnish that is to be applied as a topcoat should accompany this backsplash. This will increase the durability of the bricks by protecting them from continual exposure to drops of fat, moisture, or even dirt.

  • Natural Wood

Wood is among the most impressive trends in 2021. The major drawback of this type of backsplash is that it is preferably used as the panel behind cookers and not sinks. This is because the sink exposes the wood to a lot of moisture that would reduce its durability leading to damage. Fortunately, there are more options for the use of wood as a backsplash.

  • Sheet Glass

A glass backsplash is able to give a homeowner the modern look that is coveted by many in their kitchens. Aside from its decorative advantages, the glass backsplash is durable. It is likely to last for more than a year mainly because it is easy to wash, the glass does not stain or discolor easily, and the open flames that lead to sudden temperature changes or any other chemical effects are not likely to harm it.

These trends have their advantages and unique aspects. The choice that is made will therefore depend on preference and the effect that one wants for their kitchen. The trends of the different styles used as backsplash may have changes where some may be replaced with better forms of technology while others may persist because of the antique feel and irreplaceable effect for example the wood backsplash. Being up to date is therefore important to use the best backsplash style as a replacement or for a newly constructed kitchen.

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